Smok Evian Stick Kit, The Next Stick Prince?

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Smok Evian Stick Kit, The Next Stick Prince?

Beitragvon Admin » 4. Jun 2018 10:04

Smok Brand has promote a lot of vape pen kits which have a good market, like stick prince kit, priv v8, smok infinix and smok fit, now it released another one named SMOK Evian Stick Kit.

SMOK Evian Stick Kit is the latest vape pen device by Smoktech, which has a compact size with comfortable handle feeling. Constructed by high quality Acrylic materials, it looks much more lightweight and brilliant. Powered by large built-in battery, Stick Evian offers you big amount of smoke without hesitation. The 8ml sub ohm tank features top filling design and bottom airflow system for nice flavor and amazing vaping experience. 8 colors are available.
More info you can see in

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