Joyetech RFC RIFTCORE DUO Self-Cleaning Function, Long Lifes

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Joyetech RFC RIFTCORE DUO Self-Cleaning Function, Long Lifes

Beitragvon Admin » 5. Mai 2018 05:15

The Joyetech Riftcore Duo RDA is a new concept high-performance RDA with revolutionary coil-free technology to offer you a fresh and fantastic vaping experience. It utilizes dual innovative RFC heating elements to heat the E-liquids efficiently and completely, which makes the clouds density and flavor purity rated at the highest level. The Joyetech RFC heating element features a rectangle-chip design with venting holes, and it is made from special metallic materials which results in 1000000-puffs super long lifespan with self-cleaning function for long-term usability. Obviously it can save your time on wire building but enjoy the incredible vapor production.

1. New Concept Coilless RDA
2. Durable Dual Heating Elements
3. One Million Puffs Lifespan
4. Self-clean Function

More info will be updated in ... mizer.html
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