Joyetech BATPACK Kit = BATPACK mod + Joye Eco D16 Tank

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Joyetech BATPACK Kit = BATPACK mod + Joye Eco D16 Tank

Beitragvon Admin » 24. Apr 2018 09:22

Hello, guys. We're glad to introduce you the world's first vaporizer using AA batteries - the Joyetech BATPACK Starter Kit.


Joyetech BATPACK Kit has been strategically working with the certification body Underwriters Laboratory(UL) to help develop the testing procedures for the new 8139 battery safety certification. And now, Joyetech Batpack integrates ECO TECHNOLOGY and operated from dual AA batteries source to bring you safer power source. New ECO Technology provides the best vaping experience but allows battery to have a very low output, that means battery life by almost double. Coming with compact size, Joyetech Batpack is also good for high nicotine e-liquid. Combined with ECO D16 Atomizer, you can enjoy amazing vaping experience. 6 different colors for you to choose.

AA batteries have been a long accepted safe power source and it only made sense to utilize them in a vaporizer. You can not only use the normal AA batteries but also use the AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, which are all very convenient to buy in the supermarket. In all, the Batpack could be the safest vaporizer ever for your convenience.

More info you can see in ... mizer.html
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