Aspire Cobble Pod System Starter Kit $14.90

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Aspire Cobble Pod System Starter Kit $14.90

Beitragvon Admin » 28. Apr 2018 07:37

Hi, guys! The holidays for International Labor Day is coming! Enjoy your vaping life on holiday. Today let me recommend you a pod system kit named Aspire Cobble Kit with a tiny and cute appearance. Will you be attracted by its appearance?

Aspire Cobble Pod System Start Kit is the newest vape pod system kit from Aspire. It is designed as a cobble with multiple colors for option. With a mini size and cute appearance, Cobble Pod can be easily carried out and you can vape it everywhere. Aspire Cobble Pod Kit integrates a ergonomic drip tip and nice flavors for awesome vape life. Just get it and enjoy pure vaping.


1. Cobble appearance design
2. Pod system Kit
3. Ergonomic drip tip design

Do you need one pod system kit now? Aspire Cobble Pod System Start Kit is your option. At present, there is just one color: white for you. The Aspire Cobble Pod Kit are now sold on Vapesourcing at the price of $14.9. Do you want to get one? Please visit Vapesourcing to get one. Want to save more, you can use the coupon code: Vapesourcing3 for 15% off on the whole site.
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